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Integrated Therapeutic Massage

The focus of this massage is on locating and addressing the sources of your soft tissue pain. Your session begins with a thorough history, postural assessment, and range of motion evaluation. Based on the the information you provide, a variety of manual therapy techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy, are blended to deliver a massage that targets your specific concerns. After the massage, we review your activities and recommend adjustments and stretches to sustain the benefits of your massage and reduce pain.

Initial Session (Allow up to 90 minutes to include the assessment): $100

1/2 hour $45; 1 hour $85; 1-1/2 hours $105

Accelerated Recovery Therapy

This massage is specifically targeted for post-surgery and acute muscle strains and sprains. This massage uses gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful strokes to facilitate your body's management of the swelling and pain that results from its natural healing processes. This massage reduces swelling and pain, speeding your recovery and return to your daily activities. ART also improves scar development to maximize flexibility and minimize the development of scar tissue that limits movement.

1/2-hour $45





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