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I first went to Mary Anne for stress management as an alternative way to manage my Crohn's Disease but what I got was so much more.  The therapeutic massages both pre and post operative led to my being able to have a minimally invasive abdominal surgery rather than a full open even though my previous surgeries had been full open. She is now working out other scar tissue from previous surgeries and years of having Crohn's. This has led to my stomach muscles being strengthened which will hopefully prevent future surgeries. The work she does on my hands and feet are a tremendous benefit in pain maintenance.  It has greatly reduced my usage of pain medication.  I can literally walk in her office in pain and walk out pain free.  I recommended her to my husband who was having severe back pain.  He had been to his Chiropractor 6 visits with no relief.  He left Mary Anne's office pain free for the first time in 2weeks.  I highly recommend her services.

C. C.


After knee replacement surgery i began the process of rehabilitation with a very swollen knee, the surface and subsurface scar tissue greatly impeding my progress, especially when it came to range of motion. After my first few physical therapy appointments, my physical therapist recommended that I work with Mary Anne. We arranged half-hour appointments prior to or following many of my rehab appointments. My progress speeded up immediately and dramatically. Ms. Newkirk concentrated on breaking up the subcutaneous scar tissue that was hindering my range of motion.

The results speak for themselves, rather eloquently, I think. The swelling of the knee has been greatly reduced and I have progressed from a flexibility of barely 70 degrees to more than 110 degrees while Ms. Newkirk has been working with me.

My physical therapist and I agree that the reduced scar tissue and consequently reduced swelling have made an enormous contribution to my increased range of motion.

Without qualification I recommend the therapeutic massage services of Ms. Newkirk to anyone who wants to speed up the rehabilitation process after joint replacement surgery.

C. R.


Oh my, you worked miracles! I've been singing your praises to people all week!

I had a full day of work Thursday and Friday with minimal discomfort...not even pain, just slight soreness. Each weekend morning I woke up a little more sore...uh oh! probably from laying down for 10-11 hours each night. But now that I know it really is just muscles strain, I'm not babying it and spent 20-30 minutes stretching it each morning and throughout the day. After that it's been good. The stretch in the link you sent has proved very helpful... I'm taking what I've learned and applying it to him...he took a hot shower, and did stretches with me last night so we are in great shape compared to everyone hobbling into work today. I'm slipping "If it doesn't get better in a few days, I know a great massage therapist" into my conversations! So yes, thanks so much for "curing me". I think we've finally made a believer out of my husband.

J.K. (age 27)