Swelling and pain are the key factors that slow healing after an injury or medical procedure and delay your return to normal activities at home, work, and play. Accelerated Recovery Therapy (ART) starts to reduce swelling and pain 24 hours after an injury or surgery. With ART, you can:

ART, a therapeutic massage form that combines the best elements of 21st-century injury science and complementary holistic practices, works to relieve these factors:

ART accelerates reduction of swelling by facilitating circulation of blood and lymph away from the injury site.

ART calms irritated nerve endings to reduce pain.

Reduce swelling, reduce pain. Reduce pain, speed recovery. Speed recovery, get back to your life.

Why should I get ART?

ART helps you get back to normal activities more quickly

With ART, you can begin to maximize your body’s natural healing processes 24 hours after injury or surgery.

With ART, you can reduce intake of powerful pain medications.

What is ART?

ART is a proven manual therapy approach that is completely safe because it is non-invasive. ART applies NO DOWNWARD PRESSURE TO THE TISSUES, avoiding further damage. ART works with your body’s natural processes to reduce pain and swelling without medication.

How does ART work?
Based on physiology and physics, ART massage enhances the body’s ability to draw fluids away from the injury or surgical site and calm irritated nerve endings. Later in the healing process, ART helps improve muscle function.

Where do I start?

ART is delivered in a series of 30-minute sessions tailored to where you are in the healing process in terms of:

Please note that the times outlined below show approximate ranges.

Is ART for me?

If any of these situations apply to you, ART will benefit you:

Here are some specific procedures where ART can help reduce pain and speed recovery:

WHAT CLIENTS SAY (Affidavits available upon request)

--Bernadine, Age 56, after shoulder surgery

--Ben, Age 56, After quadriceps tendon repair surgery